PHU Prima Andrzej Sawicki

Have you ever wondered where is now the center of Europe, the place where everything is close …

… rental offer for large-scale storage space.

icon The biggest available storage space in the area :

Plot area :
6 885 m2
Main hall area :
487 m2
A storage area :
1 130 m2
Parking ( maneuvering ) :
3000 m2
Office space :
203 m2
Construction of the hall :
Type of floor :
Type of heating :
Stacking height :
7 m
Handover year :

icon Availability for large size trucks :

The object is adapted to service the truck even with full-size trailers. Two wide, sliding gates and asphalt road access to the route E30 allows you to quickly and easily way to handle suppliers and customers.

icon Location on the transit route from west to east :

Distance from the largest Customs Chamber in Poland :
7 km
Distance from the border crossing :
38 km
Distance from the railway junction in Małaszewicze :
32 km
Distance from the transit route E30 :
80 meters !

icon A complete and modern infrastructure together with social-office facilities :

  • Monitoring and alarm system 
  • Sanitary - social facilities ( received by the Board of Health ) 
  • Telecomunication and informatics infrastructure 
  • A complete structural – electrical installation 
  • Central heating and gas installation 
  • Air conditioning and natural ventilation 
  • Functional office furniture 

… and this is only for a good start of cooperation … see our other project :